Cultivating Knowledge & Breaking the Stigma of cannabis consumers

What Do We Offer?

Cannabis Adult Education

Cannabis General Education classes covering a bit of everything including culture, history, politics, current law, evolution & domestication, medical cannabis science, the endocannabinoid system, strains & extracts, and harm-reducing ingestion methods.  

How to Grow Cannabis

Home Grow Workshops helping new and seasoned growers master the basics for successful & consistent home cannabis cultivation, while remaining compliant with State law. 

Processing Cannabis

Workshops covering all aspects of home processing, including extractions & infusions, edibles, tinctures, topical, hash, and oil/concentrates.  

Community Outreach

Patient Support Groups for Veterans, Cancer patients & caregivers, Pediatric patients & parents, and other medical patients. 

Private Consultations

Private in-home consultations and complete professional Design & Construction services for turn-key indoor home gardens... We Build It, You Grow It! 

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