About Us

Mission Statement

   Our mission is to break the stigma perpetuated by the past 80 years of repressive governmental propaganda & help responsible adults come out of the Cannabis Closet.
  Providing honest & up-to-date information on all aspects related to Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, & Hemp to help consumers make well-informed decisions based on their own needs.
  We are dedicated to provide knowledge & services that help consumers/patients help themselves... We fight for every person's right to cultivate & consume freely.

We Are NOT A Dispensary or Care-Givers. We DO NOT Provide or Sell Cannabis.

Our Story

   Home Grown Academy sprouted from the demand for consumer knowledge surrounding the burgeoning legal Cannabis market in New England, where the majority of the populace has only ever known antiquated War On Drugs propaganda of “Just Say No!”

  Home Grown Academy is a community resource for reliable, factual information on all-things Cannabis so that patients & consumers can make the most well-informed decisions for healthy & responsible cannabis use. HGA also provides professional hands-on instruction for home cultivation & processing, training consumers to produce their own top quality cannabis, concentrates, and infusions at home, free from the high prices & taxes of The Industry. 

   We have a steadfast commitment to give back to this community as much as we can, with our focus on helping Veterans and Terminal Patients gain the safe access & support necessary for healing with cannabis.